Meet Your New Research Assistant

Knowly is an AI-based, personal research assistant that helps you with scientific tasks

Who is Knowly?

The first AI assistant for researchers and scientists

So many publications to read, so little time: While there are plenty of web sites that help you find more articles, they all leave the hard work of filtering through a long list of results to you. We think it's time for a new service that helps us in scientific work, whether it's reading an article, reviewing a paper, learning a topic, or writing a new paper. Meet Knowly!

Knowly is the first ever AI (artificial intelligence) that works as your personal research assistant: Whether you are a graduate student or a research scientist, Knowly can save you time, as it reads and analyzes articles for you and assists you in concrete research tasks.


Knowly reads scientific articles for you, saving you time for your own research. Below you can see the features that are available in its public beta. Check out the roadmap below for the exciting plans we have once Knowly grows up.

Extract core concepts

Knowly automatically creates a list of core concepts that appear in a document. For each of them, you can lookup detailed definitions of their meaning to learn more about them.

Summarize a research paper

Knowly can generate a summary of a research paper that complements the abstract and can help you deciding whether you want to read it in more detail. Small enough to fit on a mobile screen, you can now quickly assess research papers on the go, or while sitting in a conference presentation.

Highlight key arguments in an article

Knowly will read full papers you provide and find its main arguments for you: What are the key contributions the authors describe? What claims are the authors making about them?

Generate a factsheet for a research paper

All in one page: Metadata, abstract, summary, concepts, arguments. Knowly builds you a concise, single-page view of a whole research article unlike any other existing system.

Research never seemed so easy

It's like having your own, personal research assistant that works for you around-the-clock, seven days a week. Only legally.


Knowly is a very young AI and is still learning more about science. As it grows up, it will be able to help you in more and more tasks:

Understand your personal interests

Knowly will learn what you are interested in, what is new information for you, and keep track of what you have read before. This way, it can get you the right information, specific to your tasks.

Help you learn new topics

Whether you are a student trying to understand a new method or a scientist investigating a novel research area, Knowly will help you in learning about new topics.

Support you when writing new articles

There's always another deadline. Knowly will help you by proof-reading your papers, finding potential issues with your structure, checking your writing style, and help you in finding related work.

Assist you in peer review tasks

Knowly will support you in the never ending job of writing peer reviews for papers, by highlighting the authors' contributions, examining the readability, and searching for similar, existing works.

... and many more!

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